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Temple Hills Pathways and Open Space
(Winter 2016 issue)

One of THCA’s long-term objectives for the community is to improve pedestrian circulation options and create public open space such as trails and parks. As most residents know, the original subdivision plans for the Temple Hills community set aside public trails and space for a Temple Hills Park. Although the land for these improvements was officially dedicated to the County even before the City existed, the original plans for the subdivision were, to a large extent, ignored by the City over the years after the City inherited the dedicated land from the County. The need to improve pedestrian circulation and open spaces is now greater than ever since the entire Temple Hills area is now almost fully built out. For example, each year the State ranks California cities on measures of safety. Interestingly, Laguna Beach ranks as the very worst city for our size for pedestrian safety. Not just in the lower 10%, but absolutely last. Temple Hills Drive is, of course, a significant part of the pedestrian circulation and safety issue in Laguna Beach. Regarding open space, there are parts of the Temple Hills community that are over a two-mile round-trip walk to the nearest park, beach, or school playground. Most cities in the state, including the citiesimmediatelyadjoining Laguna Beach, would consider that completely unacceptable. Interestingly, the City allowed the land dedicated as the Temple Hills Park to slip into private hands decades ago by not exerting the legal dedication made on that public open space. It was a big step in the wrong direction.

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Come Join Us!

The Temple Hills Community Association, since our founding in 1972, has worked to improve the quality of life on our streets and in our neighborhoods, to help neighbors get to know one another, to help them interact with the City when property issues and neighborhood concerns arise, and to join together to address the bigger issues that affect us as a community. Over the years, working together as a community:

• we’ve prevented Temple Hills Drive from becoming a major regional thoroughfare joining with major streets in Aliso Viejo, • encouraged the acquisition of hillside open space and the establishment of mini-parks,
• worked to facilitate safe pedestrian options,
• fought out-of-scale development and subdivisions,
• facilitated undergrounding in those areas of the hill where a majority of residents approved
• provided a community voice to the City
• fostered a tradition of great neighborhood parties.

Are there any problems in your neighborhood? We’d like to know. What are your interests? Would you like to become more involved? There are opportunities on the Steering Committee and the Neighborhood Groups. Come join with us.